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7 апреля 2011 года в 18.00 состоялось открытие персональной выставки Альберта Погорелкина.
На выставке будут представлены новые работы художника: живопись, скульптура и графика, а также видеоработы созданные совместно с Сергеем Сапожниковым несколько лет назад.
Куратор: Асланова Лейли

№1 Алик

"Days of Germany" in Rostov-on-Don. Yana Buhholts's exhibitions "People from Germany - 20 years later" and Christina Shnappenburg's "Songs of the Shadows"

The German cultural center.
From 08.10 on 16.10.2010 in Rostov-on-Don will pass «Days of Germany».
With support of M-gallery in frameworks "Days of Germany" in Rostov-on-Don" exhibitions will be shown:

Yana Buhholts «People from Germany - 20 years later». The young graduate of the Berlin photoschool shows 20 portraits which broadcast as there live Germans of 20 years later after association of Germany: Of what dream? Than live?

Christina Shnappenburg will present the «light sculptures» in "Songs of the Shadows" in which light appears as a source of life and art.


Curator: Aslanova Leyly 
Artist: Igor Mikhailenko

Personal exhibition. Teryaev Timofey Fedorovich. To the 100 anniversary of the artist

One of the main events of 2008-2009 in the M-Gallery is the project "Pupils of T.F. Teryayev ", which includes two personal exhibitions of Teryayev’s pupils: Kalust Movsesjan and Valeria Kulchenko. Not so often we can say about the great artist as a talented teacher. Timofey F. just some of these exceptions, his students say that except graphic skills, he has imparted especial, passionate attitude to painting. Teryaev was an artist extremely sincere and honest, he could not compromise, even if he wanted to, and nothing could make him not be himself. Timofey F.

EXHIBITION. Keller P.S. Painting.

Time quickly creates a legend, sometimes covering true, erecting in a rank of the main thing accidental, minor.

In fact, what happened to Peter S. Keller, there is nothing surprising, as his creative and private life stood apart from the boiling passions of art and artistic life of the Union, and non-social work has developed meaningful subject matters.

EXHIBITION. Markin V.A. Painting. Graphics. Sketches.

Markin Vitaly is the honored Artist of Russia. Deserved member of the Union of Artists (since 1962) studied in the Grekov’s Rostov Art School, then at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (1956-1962) at the national artist of Russia A.D. Goygarov. During the Great Patriotic War, was at 1st Ukrainian and 2nd Belarusian fronts, has finished war in Germany. Since 1972 was the constant participant of the city, regional, zonal and republican exhibitions. Markin's works were exhibited at exhibitions at England, Finland, Japan, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, GDR, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria.


Curator: Tatiana Kolovanova

Exhibition. Vladimir Ryabchikov "Diaries"

Vladimir Ryabchikov refuses to join with the fashionable "isms". He believes that he has grown from cave art. He says that painting helped him to comprehend himself.

About Creativity

Ancient Art, the art of Paleolith, which has remained on cave walls, helps to find own pristine visual, its plastic form. It absorbed warm from the hands of an ancient artist which is lit up his work.

Exhibition. Favorites. Valery Kulchenko. Painting. Graphics.

For the first time will be presented the artist Valery Ivanovich Kulchenko, unknown to Rostov viewer, and his exhibition "Favorites. Valery Kulchenko "continues the project" “Teryaev’s pupils”.